Our School - Bus and Transport Information


Students are expected to abide by all road rules when riding bicycles to and from school – this includes wearing helmets. Bike racks are available at the College and all bikes are to be left in the racks during the day. Students riding bikes are to enter and leave the College through the Maiden Avenue gate. Students are not to be at the bike rack area during the school day.


St Francis has a duty of care to students and only in conjunction with the support of all families can we ensure that travel arrangements are correct at the time of our students departing and returning to the College on a weekly basis.

Therefore it is expected that students and / or parents / carers take the responsibility of notifying the Office of any changes to the normal routine of weekly travel.

Day & Weekly Boarding Students:

Bus travel is available to students who live a distance from the College. All students using buses must abide by the NSW Code of Conduct for Bus Travel. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from bus transport. Boarding students using bus companies for weekly travel will be billed either directly by bus companies or through the College.

Bus subsidy forms for weekly travel are available through the office. Daily travel subsidy forms are available from bus drivers.


The College does not encourage students to drive to school if other forms of transport are conveniently available. If a student drives a car to school, the following conditions apply:

Cars can only be driven to and from the school by students with written parental consent and Principal approval.

Students driving vehicles must have a valid driver’s licence.

Parking of students’ cars is not permitted within the College grounds. Students’ cars are not to be used during the school day. Students who do use their vehicle during the school day will be asked to leave their vehicle at home. Please also be aware that cars will be parked outside private residences – there should be no noise or rubbish left behind.

Vehicles driven by students must have current car registration, comprehensive and third party property insurance.

Student drivers are expected to conform to the road rules at all times and to ensure that no passengers pay a fare as this may invalidate their insurance policies. If drivers wish to share costs with passengers, please check with the insurance company.

Boarding students are asked NOT to drive to school.